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Welcome to the Agreements Query Tool. By changing the selection criteria above, you will see customized results in this area. See additional help for using this tool.

If the ID# is provided the search will return the Agreement that matches that ID number only. To search based on the other fields the ID# field must be empty.

* For College, choose "ALL..." to view a list of every agreement that is currently in the database. Choose a specific college (e.g., CBA) to see a list of agreements that are specific to programs in that college. Choose a combined set of colleges (e.g., CBA-CST) to see agreements that are for collaborative arrangements between colleges, usually a joint academic program. Choose CMU to view a list of agreements that apply to any CMU program.

The difference between the choices "ALL..." and "All Programs" in the Academic Programs field is this: If you select "ALL..." you will see a list of every agreement for the College you have selected, including those that are restricted to individual programs of study. On the other hand, if you select "All Programs", you will see a list of those agreements which apply to any program within that College.